Norlase awarded two Eurostars grants

May 3, 2016

We are happy to announce two major innovation projects that will receive funding from the European Commission under the Eurostars programme. Eurostars focuses on international projects that result in fast market introduction of innovative products.

Project ViDiLas will utilize the unique Norlase laser technology to create a more cost-effective and compact eye-treatment system. The goal is to enable more accessible and effective treatment for over 500 million people suffering from age- and diabetes-related eye diseases. The consortium around ViDiLas includes laser medical device manufacturer Pantec (CH), tapered diode manufacturer Eagleyard (GE) and the light source research institution Ferdinand Braun Institut (GE).

Project GENESIS focuses on bringing the advantages of laser microscopy out of the lab and into point-of-care diagnostics. Norlase’s laser technology enables far more compact and cost-effective Ti:Sapphire laser systems, which in turn enables extremely precise and effective diagnosis through e.g. raman spectroscopy and light sheet microscopy. The project is carried out in collaboration with leading Ti:Sapphire laser manufacturer M Squared Lasers (GB) and the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Photonics (DK).

According to the Danish Eurostars Officer, Jens Peter Vittrup, Norlase’s success in the Eurostars programme is unheard of. “Both of Norlase’s projects were ranked in the international top 10, which has never happened for a Danish company before”, he states. “This result should to be seen in the context that over 300 applications were filed”.
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