Thinking about a PASCAL® Pattern Scanning Laser?

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider Norlase ECHO® instead.

  1. New PASCAL laser is just repackaging of old technology. ECHO provides state-of-the-art semiconductor laser, MEMS scanning technology, and delivery in an ultra-compact unit.
  2. PASCAL laser requires a giant dedicated workstation and takes up an entire room. ECHO’s small footprint allows you to mount it directly to your existing slit lamp.
  3. Can you put a PASCAL laser in your vehicle’s front seat and transport it between offices? ECHO’s truly portable design allows for pattern procedures in satellite offices.
  4. PASCAL utilizes 4 separate fibers increasing the risk of service failure. ECHO eliminates fragile fiber cables, which minimizes costly repairs.
  5. The PASCAL laser is significantly more expensive than ECHO. At a fraction of the size and cost, ECHO provides a friendly alternative that you can even install yourself.
  6. If there’s a need for service, PASCAL requires an on-site service visit, resulting in increased downtime. Norlase offers depot service and a loaner to keep you up and running.