Thinking about a PASCAL® Pattern Scanning Laser?

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider Norlase ECHO® instead.

  1. ECHO combines laser, state-of-the-art scanning technology, and delivery in an ultra-compact unit. New PASCAL laser is just repackaging of old technology.
  2. ECHO mounts directly to your existing slit lamp. No need for a giant dedicated workstation or integrated table required by PASCAL laser.
  3. ECHO’s truly portable design allows for pattern procedures in satellite offices. Can you put PASCAL in your front seat and transport between offices?
  4. ECHO eliminates fragile fiber cables, which minimizes costly repairs. PASCAL utilizes 4 fibers that are at risk of damage and/or degradation.
  5. ECHO is significantly less expensive than PASCAL and you can easily install it yourself. Why pay $1000s for shipping/installation of the PASCAL?
  6. If there’s a need for service, Norlase offers depot service and a loaner to keep you up and running. PASCAL requires an on-site service visit, resulting in increased downtime.