40 Fantastic Years in Photonics…and More Ahead

February 1, 2020 | By Greg Fava, VP of Medical Devices, Norlase

Greg Fava, VP of Medical Devices, Norlase

The year 2020 marks my 40th anniversary in the Photonics Industry. I started at Spectra-Physics in 1980 working on ion lasers! I remember touring the Spectra-Physics factory in Mountain View and seeing helium-neon based scanners that could read bar codes and speed up the checkout lines at supermarkets. It was my first introduction to Photonics improving EFFICIENCY.

In 1989 I joined IRIDEX (IRIS Medical) as the first employee outside the founders. Our first product was a IR diode laser. It was a tough sell against argon green lasers, but the founders vision and research with key doctors pioneered a few new clinical procedures specific to our products that helped save patients vision. It was my first introduction to Photonics improving Quality of Life!

From 2005-2015 I continued in Photonics with Eklin (first portable Digital radiography machine in Veterinary Medicine); OptiMedica (first pattern scanning laser in ophthalmology) and Topcon Medical Laser Systems.

In 2016 I was fortunate enough to meet up with Norlase and help develop the next generation of innovative laser photocoagulators in ophthalmology.

My whole career enabled me to work with talented people using Photonics to improve efficiency and quality of life. Excited for my 40th year and counting on a few more!

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